Peter Feuchtwanger, Klavierübungen

Buch mit DVD, herausgegeben von Stefan Blido und Manfred Seewann

A Book "Piano Exercises" with added DVD is planed. Actually it is not available.

All I can offer is a german version of the book with an english DVD.

The book "Klavierübungen zur Heilung physiologischer Spielstörungen und zum Erlernen eines funktionell-natürlichen Klavierspiels" ("Pianoexercises for curing playing-related disorders in pianists as well as for learning a functionally natural behaviour in piano playing") has appeared in March 2004 only in German language together with a matching DVD in english language and is available.

An english edition of the book is planed, a rough translation exists, but at the moment we can not say when it will be published.

On the video you will see a lecture from Peter Feuchtwanger about the genesis of his Piano Exercises. Afterwards Peter Feuchtwanger explains each of his eighteen basic piano exercises and Frederik Malmqvist demonstrates the exercises completely, some of them even with reversals. In the end of the video some exemplary fingerings and their technical execution will be shown. Beside this Frederik Malmqvist plays a composition from Peter Feuchtwanger. The techniques which could have been learned by the Piano Excercises is demonstrated in practice. The duration time of the video is 64 minutes. The video was produced by Stuart Monroe (London) and is completely in English.

The book with DVD can be purchased in unity only. The price is 65,- € + costs of shipment, this is 10 € worldwide. The book with many unpublished photos has the format DIN A4, is ligated with rings in paperboard hardcover and enbraces 132 pages.
The Video and the accompanying Book will be obtainable on the masterclasses or by request via internet on this page. Postal order please adress to:

Stefan Blido
Hans-Bardon-Str. 36
97877 Wertheim

In the following some information about book with DVD:

Peter Feuchtwanger about his piano exercises:
[read more]

The foreword to the book wrote Professor Günter Reinhold.
[read more]

Stefan Blido wrote a short essay over the piano exercises for the anniversary publication for the 20-year old anniversary of the master course in Feuchtwangen.
[read more]

Die Erste Übung "Quik Release" als Leseprobe im pdf-Format:
[read more] [279 KB]

Die Zweite Übung "Lagenwechsel" als Leseprobe im pdf-Format.
[read more] [292 KB]

Carsten Dürer schrieb in der Zeitschrift PianoNews eine Kritik mit dem Titel "Einleuchtende Lehre".
[read more] [143 KB]

Katharina Lorenz veröffentlichte in der NMZ eine Rezension der Klavierübungen.
[read more] [133 KB]

Reinhold Schmidt wrote a review in Üben & Musizieren. It's only a German Version available.
[read more] [91 KB]

Nancy Lee Harper published a critic in Piano.
[read more] [302 KB]

Achim Clemens über die Klavierübungen.
[read more]

In dem Aufsatz Zen in der Kunst des Klavierspielens geht Stefan Blido den philosophischen Implikationen der Klavierübungen nach, selbstverständlich unter Bezugaufnahme auf die berühmte Schrift von Eugen Herriegel, die Peter Feuchtwanger gerne benennt.
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