Here you find some references to the music of Peter Feuchtwanger.

Variations about an Eastern Folk Tune Book I and II
An absolute rare piece is the record of Peter Feuchtwanger, who plays his variations over an eastern folk song in two books.
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Haydn Dickenson - "East"
EAST showcases the works of London based German Composer, Pianist and Teacher Peter Feuchtwanger. The repertoire on the CD, all for solo Piano, is inspired exclusively by Eastern folk and art music. Extraordinarily inventive use of Piano sonority, texture and pedalling are used to suggest Arabic, Indian and other Eastern instruments, styles and scales. Peter has taught many of the greats like Argerich and Cherassky with a special approach to posture and fingering to prevent repetitive strain injuries. His composition Variations on an Eastern Folk tune won the International Viotti Competition. EAST is the first release devoted entirely to Feuchtwanger's music and reviewers have described Haydn's performances as "Revelations of Supreme Pianistic Virtuosity".
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Beata Wetli - Visions
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Susanne Kessel hat auf der CD "Portrait" unter anderem Werke von Peter Feuchtwanger aufgenommen.
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Ina Birk likewise brought works of Peter Feuchtwanger on the CD “free dream”.
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