Martha Argerich about Peter Feuchtwanger
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Peter Feuchtwanger´s piano music made a great impact on me because of it´s depth, great freshness and originality, all being qualities which are very rare nowadays. Pianistically they are most refined and extremely rewarding and should be taken up by every concert pianist. This is understandable because Peter Feuchtwanger himself is a most wonderful pianist, outstanding in every way.
He has great experience as a teacher and to work with him has always been a great experience, his advice always being extremely helpful, never arbitrary and of an incredible high standard.
All in all Mr. Feuchtwanger is a wonderful and complete musician.
Martha Argerich

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Shura Cherkassky about Peter Feuchtwanger
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This is to say that I consider Peter Feuchtwanger an unusual musician, extremely keen to know the "right way", as a teacher he is extraordinary. He seems to know immediately what is wrong with a pianist and he explains so easily the reason - what is wrong and what is right - and puts the pupil at ease and draws out the best. In fact, I do not know anyone like Mr. Feuchtwanger who can so quickly lead the artist in the right direction. As a composer, he is very original, very individual - Eastern influence. He is not at all just "another modern composer".
All in all I can recommend him highly anywhere, everywhere,
Shura Cherkassky

Dinorah Varsi about Peter Feuchtwanger.
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"After having known and worked for several year with Peter Feuchtwanger there is no doubt that he belongs to the very rare outstanding musical personalities. He has achieved a total equilibrium between knowledge and strong musical instinct, hat is to say, all that is necessary to make music alive. It should be added that, having himself a most natural and logical piano technique and after a long experience of teaching, he can guide his pupils very surely in solving their difficulties in the simplest possible way. He therefore carries on a tradition, although most individually, of an almost forgotten art of piano playing."
Dinorah Varsi

"Wir sind Lernende, zeit unseres Lebens"
Ein Gespräch mit Vesselin Stanev.
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Further Testimonials

"Peter Feuchtwanger is a great musician and an important teacher."
Tatyana Nikolayeva

"Peter Feuchtwanger´s work at the piano and on music is without equal. Before I came to know this way of working, I would not have believed that it was possible to teach at such a high level. The work is without ´method´, other than perhaps this: every student is developed from within himself. Peter Feuchtwanger is a unique phenomenon. He has a deep knowledge of inner connections. To recommend him for a particular task is an almost grotesque idea: I know of no pianist who could not profit from Feuchtwanger´s ideas."
Günter Reinhold, Professor of Piano in Karlsruhe

"... Peter Feuchtwanger must be one of the few music teachers who concern themselves so fully with all instrumental, musical, artistic, personal and physical aspects of the work with their students."
Andreas Groethuysen

"[...] Peter Feuchtwanger, the Zen master amongst the piano pedagogues."
Roland R. Ropers

"[...] To Peter Feuchtwanger with my profound admiration and thanks for having helped my own development."
Carola Grindea

"... When I think of Mr. Feuchtwanger, I think at once of the words ´balance´ and ´wholeness´. Given that in his work and his very being he unifies the two, he is able to leave each student his individuality and expression, without having to resort to manipulation. [...] The exercises he has created involve the person as a whole and help him to a new sense of order, safety and freedom. In this way the student can discover his whole self in the safe company of, and protected by, his teacher, who, however, can also let go ..."
Hannelies Finck, physiotherapist

"Peter Feuchtwanger is one of the few exceptional piano teacher of our time. Thanks to his masterclasses and his work as a jury member, he is known throughout the world. He neither represents a school nor fits a template. His idea of musical education takes as its point of reference the personality of the individual making music, and sets this in relation to the musical work. He develops a way of musical thinking that is mirrored both in technical ability and intellectual comprehension. To this end he creates unorthodox methods that distance themselves from every ideology. The way he shapes the student´s musical taste almost effortlessly to include the physiological balance of the whole body, a perfect economy of movement, and an indispensable intellectual knowledge, has brought young musicians from all parts of the world to themselves and given a guiding light to their careers. If one wants to speak of Feuchtwanger´s aesthetic and human ideals (which for him are always one), one should think primarily of Clara Haskil, to whom he was personally deeply indebted and who became a model for him. A further characteristic is that he does not see his instrument, the piano, in isolation, but educates through a wider awareness of, for example, the human voice and the bel canto tradition. Too few people know that Feuchtwanger is an exceptional and unusual composer. From this personal creativity springs his inexhaustible thought, which time and again proves a source of inspiration for all manner of artists. As a result, Feuchtwanger remains the artistic conscience of a whole world of musicians who consult him often. And so, to participate in a course with Peter Feuchtwanger is to take s step on the journey to finding oneself."
Georg-Albrecht Eckle